Friday, 25 December 2009

Air Ticket Prices - 5 Quick Tips to Help Save Money

Air ticket prices are on the increase despite more and more airlines opening routes. However, competition for custom is fierce and airline carriers are prepared to offer more discounted rates than ever before. For the average traveller looking for cheap air ticket prices this can only be good news.

1. Check all your options.
Make sure you do your research. There are plenty of travel-related companies around so you can be confident that there is one that offers a good deal to suit your budget. Do not settle for the first deal that you like as this may not be the best. Make sure you have exhausted all options.
2. Group Bookings.
Most airline companies offer huge discounts for group reservations. The more you book in as a group the more your discount is likely to be.
3. Book In Advance.
When looking for cheap air ticket prices, most airlines will offer large discounts if you book your flight months in advance. The earlier you book the more you are likely to save.
4. Seat sales.
There are often cancellations to every flight and airline companies will offer such seats at great discount to recover as much of the air ticket price as possible. When looking for last minute air ticket prices make sure you check with all travel companies for seat sales. You can save as much as 50 percent with this option but they are limited so you need to be quick when they become available.
5. Secrets Of The Air Travel Industry.
For a long time, members of the airline travel industry have enjoyed very large discounted air ticket prices and very often free upgrades to business class and even first class by using methods unknown to the general public. If you were able to find someone who works in the air travel industry, perhaps a friend of a friend or retired employee who is willing to tell you those secrets, then you too could enjoy huge discounts on all your air travel all year round. But, of course not many of them are willing to give up their secrets.
So, if you do not know of anyone, this is what you must do...

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